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Title I School:  Jefferson Elementary School qualifies as a Title I School Wide Program. This means that at least 40% of students are low income.  In order to raise academic achievement for all of our students, our district allocates funds to our school.  These funds may be used to reduce class size, buy resources, provide programs, and etc.  One of our school's goals is to create a partnership with our parents, students, and community.  With the help of Title I funds, we are able to provide Parent/Family events such as Family Night.  We also look for ways to keep our parents informed and involved through meetings, newsletters, conversations, and etc. 

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*Students will complete the Leader in Me survey at school

by clicking on the image above.



*PARENTS please complete the Leader In Me survey by clicking on the apple above.





 KPREP Week May 4th - 8th

We will have a KPREP testing kickoff on Friday May 1st

Please be talking with your student(s) about the importance of KPREP Testing and how to be ready for testing each day! You can click on the K-Prep picture above for some useful testing tips to share with your student(s).



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315 Jackson Street
Henderson, KY 42420
Phone: 270-831-5090
Fax: 270-831-5091

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  Be a CATCH MVP Family



We're a CATCH School

"CATCH" stands for "Coordinated Approach To Child Health." CATCH schools are committed to healthy students in a healthy school. We invite you to help us teach positive health choices and be a CATCH MVP! A CATCH MVP is someone who Moves and stays active, Values healthy eating, and Practices healthy habits every day.

Be a CATCH MVP Family:

Move and stay active: Try to be more active as a family - part the car farther away in parking lots to walk a bit more, stretch while watching TV, walk as a family after meals.

Value healthy eating: Try to make healthy choices - include a fruit or vegetable with every meal, eat more family meals together, and don't super size unless you're sharing.

Practice healthy habits: Be a positive role model - drink more water and less soda, start your day with a healthy breakfast, and eat a piece of fruit for a snack.

CATCH YOUR STUDENTS AT THEIR BEST - Research has shown that children that are well nourished and physically active perform better in school!





Dates to Remember:


May 4th - 8th

KPREP Testing


May 9th

City Serve Day


May 11th

ABC/123 Night

for incoming Kindergarten

5:00 - 6:30 p.m.


May 12th

Food Play Program

1:15 p.m.


May 15th

Staff Talent Show

SMS Auditorium


May 18th

Field Day


May 19th

Election Day

NO SCHOOL for Students


May 20th

JFEST Inflatable Day


May 21st

Last Day for Students

5th grade Graduation

7:45 am

Our Mission: Minimize

  It is the mission of Jefferson Elementary School to be a community of

respectful learners, encouraging each other to achieve our Dreams!


We are:





Henderson County Schools
1805 Second Street
Henderson, KY 42420
270 831-5000
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1805 Second Street
Henderson, KY 42420
270 831-5000