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Spark, The Determinator, Dr. D, and the Blue Blazer welcome you to the 1199 Superhero Training Academy!

Our Mission:

To train students at South Heights Elementary School through The 1199 Superhero Training Academy to unveil the inner power that lives with them.

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SHS Site Base Decision Making Team

Rob Carroll - Principal

Nicole Blair - Parent

Jessica Wiggins - Parent

Erin Murch - Teacher

Anthony Melvin - Teacher

Kaylen Winter - Teacher

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South Heights was selected by the International  Center for Leadership in Education to present at the 19th Annual Model Schools Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.  A team of SH teachers and administrators will be sharing strategies and practices that have inspired student achievement, built a positive culture, and changed the overall educational landscape.

The conference is titled, "From Theory to Reality: Creating the Schools We Need."


For more information, you can check out one of the following links:



Model Schools Conference


South Heights chosen as model school, posted by the Gleaner




 The SH Leadership Team meets with Bill Daggett.

Click on link for more information: Daggett


 School wide, SHS uses CHAMPS, a positive and proactive behavior management program.

Click here for more information: CHAMPS


The SH family has fun together as they demonstrate the flashmob they performed this year.


The team explains Home Visits Blitz, a South Heights initiative that has gone district-wide this year.


Mr. Powers is getting ready to begin Q & A session, as an hour was not enough time to discuss what has driven success.


 Mrs. Dixon explains more about how CHILD works. SH is a National Demonstration Site for this research-based teaching and learning system.

Click here for more information: CHILD

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SHS teachers perform a Flash Mob at the Henderson Tri-Fest!


That's just how we roll!

Click on one of the links below to see them in action:
Eye of the Tiger 1

Eye of the Tiger 2



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