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Nickel Initiative

The passage of the Nickel Tax has created many questions.  One common question is,  “What happens now?”


Our school district is well positioned to provide thorough and thoughtful planning into the use of the new revenue.  The administration’s recommendations and the Board’s decisions will be guided primarily by the Facility Plan.  A Facility Plan is required and approved by the Kentucky Department of Education.  Our current plan has already prioritized new construction and renovation projects.


Just a note:  The Facility Planning Committee is composed of teachers, principals, district representation, community members, and parents.  They are charged to present to the board the district’s facility plan which ranks priority needs.  These needs are generated by engineers and architects and approved by the Kentucky Department of Education.


So, again, what’s next?  We will have the ability to address our facility needs in a more expedient pace than we would without the new revenue.  Thank you to the Henderson citizens who were willing to invest in excellence for the Henderson County Schools.