The Mission of Henderson County Schools is to Provide Extraordinary Educational Opportunities for Every Student. 

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Nickel Initiative

Thank you to the Henderson citizens who were willing to invest in excellence for Henderson County Schools.

Our school district is well positioned to provide thorough and thoughtful planning into the use of the new nickel tax revenue.  


The administration’s recommendations and the Board’s decisions will be guided primarily by the Facility Plan.  A Facility Plan is required and approved by the Kentucky Department of Education.  Our current plan has already prioritized new construction and renovation projects.


The Facility Planning Committee is composed of teachers, principals, district representation, community members, and parents.  They are charged to present to the board the district’s facility plan which ranks priority needs.  These needs are generated by engineers and architects and approved by the Kentucky Department of Education.


Henderson County Schools has several energy efficient projects underway. The energy efficiency measures do have an up-front cost, a cost that is ultimately covered by energy bill savings.

The money for the energy efficenct projects comes from reserved capital outlay that was generated through the nickel tax that was passed in November 2015. 

Thank you to the Henderson citizens who supported the nickel tax and were willing to invest in excellence for Henderson County Schools.


Capital Funding Projects Approved During Board Work Session

Updated April 12, 2017

The capital funding projects include:

• East Heights: Roof repair for the building. Paving the car and bus rider lanes. The estimated cost is $581,346.

• South Middle: Resurface the track and install LED lighting in the school. The estimated cost is $135,000.

• North Middle: Repair the gym's wooden bleachers and install LED lighting for an estimated cost of $145,000.

• Chandler: New heating and air conditioning unit for an estimated cost of $150,000.

• Technology infrastructure: Estimated cost is $295,000.

• Bend Gate: Replace pavement in the car rider line and the entryways along the bus lane for a cost of $50,000.

• Archery building: Pave the lot for $36,000.

• Transportation: Concrete and entryway paving for $100,000.

• Henderson County High: Resurface the tennis courts, replace the gym's sound system, enclose the attendance desk for increased security, and replace the media center flooring for $159,000.

• Install LED lighting at Cairo, Niagara and Chandler for $80,000.