The Mission of Henderson County Schools is to Provide Extraordinary Educational Opportunities for Every Student

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Volunteer Services

Volunteers are parents, guardians, grandparents, students, senior citizens and interested members of the community who care about children and want to help the school. They can be found in schools doing a variety of things - typing, tutoring, operating machines, listening, sharing a hobby; the possibilities are unlimited.

Volunteers support the professional staff in providing services for students. Volunteers must not be used to replace the professional staff.  A volunteer always works under the direction and supervision of a teacher or other professional members of the school staff. A volunteer is never considered a substitute for a member of the school staff. A volunteer is never expected to perform professional services. The teacher is always responsible for the content and technique. The use of the volunteer should be at the discretion of the teacher.

All volunteers serving in Henderson County Schools must complete a Youth Leader Request form and return to Cindy Williams, Public Relations Officer.

For more information about volunteering with the Henderson County Schools, contact Cindy Williams at 270-831-8729 or via email at