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Closing Celebration / HCS Tech Day 2017 » Session Schedules and Map

Session Schedules and Map

A link to the session schedules is found below.   You do not need to sign up ahead of time, but you do need to plan out your day.  The suggestion is to look at the schedule and pick 2-3 sessions each hour that you would like to attend.   That way if one is full you can move to the next that you have picked.  Nearly all sessions are offered more than once.
You will have free choice of sessions all day.  Simply go to the sessions you want to attend.  You will be expected to be in a session during all 5 session times during the day.
Kindergarten through 3rd grade teachers are required to attend their grade level AIMSWEB training, other than that there are no required sessions for anyone.
There are 2 ways to view the schedule:
Pressing (ctrl + F) will let you search each page by keyword, presenter names, session name, topic, or even by elementary or secondary sessions.
  1. Click here for the Session Schedule in a spreadsheet view...
    • This is the best way to view the entire schedule, but it will be helpful to see the session descriptions using the schedule website linked below.
  2. Click here for the Session Information page that includes descriptions and targeted learning levels...
    • Session descriptions are helpful to understand what is available in each session.
Click on the link below to download a copy of the building map.
  • There will not be copies of the schedule, descriptions or the building map available for you on Tech Day (we are going green... er).