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HCS Virtual Learning Academy

 Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) is a new voluntary, non-traditional online program created as an alternative for students who may benefit from a more independent learning experience. This option was created by the district for families who are choosing that their child does not return to in-person classes during the 2020-21 school year. The program is 100% online with Chromebooks being supplied by the district. 

Families that are interested in this option are encouraged to complete an online application or call Student Services at 270-854-0141. 


Entrance Criteria: 

  • Any student grades K-12 can be referred for Virtual Learning Academy. 
  • A student is referred to the Student Services Office by completing an online referral form. 
  • An online referral form can be completed by a parent, guardian, or school staff member. 
  • Families must complete a Virtual Learning Academy orientation. All meetings and parent sessions will be held virtually.
  • The Student Service office reviews information and schedules an appointment to meet with the family to determine the appropriate assignment.
  • The Student Service Office communicates assignment decisions to the family, current school, and sending school via email.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is Virtual Learning Academy completely online?
  1.  Yes. 100% online--no pencil / paper 


Q. How do I register my student for Virtual Learning Academy?
  1.  Email Kasey Wolfe, Director of Pupil Personnel

Parent/Guardian must attend a virtual parent informational session before signing their child up for Virtual Learning Academy.  Email Mrs. Wolfe to schedule the session.



Q. Will my child still be enrolled in their current school?
  1.   Yes. Virtual Learning Academy students are still enrolled in their current school (Ex: Cairo Elementary/South Middle School) and will follow the Henderson County Schools 2020-2021 school year calendar.

Q. Do I have to register my student online if we choose the Virtual Learning Academy?
  1.  Yes. All students must register online before August 26th regardless if they will attend in-person classes or the Virtual Learning Academy.



Q. Will I be able to switch my student from Virtual Learning Academy to traditional classroom instruction if our family health concerns are no longer an issue?
  1.  Yes. Contact Mrs. Wolfe in order to make a change.  The only exception is ---a student cannot transition from Virtual Learning Academy back to their home school during Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) days.  If the school district were to utilize NTI days - a student will have to stay in their current VLA placement until schools have returned to in-person classes.


Q. Can my student participate in extra-curricular or sports?
  1.  No. The Virtual Learning Academy has been created due to health concerns related to COVID-19.  If this option is chosen, a student will not participate in extracurricular activities to maintain a healthy environment chosen by the parent.


Q. How will my student’s progress be assessed and monitored in Virtual Learning Academy?
  1. Multiple assessments will be used throughout the curriculum.  Virtual Learning Academy teachers will follow the same curriculum map that teachers use in an in-person classroom setting.


Q. Who will provide my child instruction in the Virtual Learning Academy?

  1.  Students will receive instruction using an online learning platform.  An HCS staff member will be assigned to each VLA student to issue all assignments online, monitor each student’s grades, and each student’s completion of assignments. 

Daily attendance will be taken.


Q. Can I register my child for Virtual Learning Academy if we do not have an internet connection at home?
  1.  No.  The program is a 100% online internet-based program.  Families who choose the Virtual Learning Academy for their child must ensure reliable internet access.


Q: My child receives services through a 504, IEP, KSI, or GT identification.  Will my child still receive services in Virtual Learning Academy?  

  1. Yes. A contingency plan will be created in cooperation with the student’s TOR (teacher of record).
last updated July 29,2020
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