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Henderson County School employees will receive a 3% raise for the 2022-23 school year

The general wage increase, in addition to annual level of years experience, will go into effect July 1, 2022. The $1,000 supplemental check will be issued in two installments with $500 being issued in the fall and $500 issued in the spring.
The Henderson County Schools budget is 51% supported by State SEEK funding. SEEK, which stands for Support Excellence in Kentucky, is the funding formula the state uses to allocate dollars to districts. Henderson County Schools will receive additional State SEEK funding that is adequate to pay for a 2.25% increase, with the remainder coming from local tax revenues. Every dollar of projected new revenue from the additional $100 per pupil and the funding of all-day kindergarten will be targeted at these salary increases.
A classified salary study was completed in the 2020 school year and a certified salary study is in process. Salary studies examine current pay practices and determine if they are competitive for the industry and geographic location.
According to Henderson County Schools Superintendent Bob Lawson, “I am very thankful to the board for making this decision to give a 3% raise and supplement to our staff. We care and wholeheartedly believe in our people. They pursue excellence every day. Investing in all of our staff results in a better education and outcomes for our students and our community. We will remain steady in taking actions that keep us financially stable, while also honoring the diligent work and commitment our staff give daily to the students of Henderson County Schools.”
For more information, contact Director of Public Information Megan Mortis at 270.831.5000 or email: [email protected]
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