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Henderson County Schools Random Drug Screening Policy Approved

Starting with the 2017-2018 school year, the policy allows the school system randomly to drug test middle school and high school students who participate in any athletic/extracurricular activity or who apply for a permit to drive.

The policy states that ten (10) high school students will be randomly drug-tested per week and both middle schools would have up to three students tested. A professional laboratory will be administering the tests.

Currently Henderson County Schools drug screens all new employees as well as randomly selects twenty-five (25) school employees per month for testing.  All bus drivers are placed in a separate pool for random monthly testing as well. If an employee tests positive, it is sent to a national lab to be screened for more detailed results. If the lab results determine the substance to be illegal, the Henderson County Board of Education will carry out the guidelines outlined in board policies to deal with the employee accordingly.

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