The mission of Henderson County Schools it to provide extraordinary educational opportunities for every student.  Email Migration Status:  Email profiles can now be reset up and signed into on computers and mobile devices.  Google sign on is still in progress.

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Superintendent of Henderson County Schools Receives Exemplary Review

 The board ranked Mrs. Stanley as "Exemplary" in all seven categories.  Descriptive words used by board members in her review included:  “empowering; visible; approachable; responsible and accountable; and collaborative.”

 “We believe Mrs. Stanley took the 2016 Standards Review and turned it into a personal and professional action list while still maintaining high levels of education for our students and growth for our staff.  As education is constantly changing, we feel, and Mrs. Stanley agrees that ‘resting on laurels’ is not an option and much work is still to be done to continually improve the education and lives of the students of Henderson County.  We as the board look forward to working with Mrs. Stanley, her staff, and the community to bring about those improvements and embrace the changes ahead,” states Lisa Baird, Henderson County Board of Education Chair.  




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