All HCS buildings are closed to the public. Visitors may be seen by appointment only. Our modified hours are 8:00-2:00 p.m. Call 270-831-5000 for an appointment

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Communications Dept.

Megan Mortis
Director of Public Information
  • Media Relations
  • District Spokesperson
  • District Social Media and Website Content Manager
  • Community Advertisement in the Schools
Contact Megan by phone or email:
Jenny Richmond
Community Relations Specialist
  • Community Relations
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Arts in the Schools Coordinator
  • Multi-Cultural Coordinator
Contact Jenny by phone or email:
270-831- 8729


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HCTV (channel 197) is on Spectrum Cable and is the home of HCTV, broadcasting information about Henderson County Schools.


Media Guidelines

We welcome and encourage our media partners to cover the activities and events in our schools and are happy to host media whenever possible and practical.
We do ask that members of the media contact the district communications office first at (270) 831-5000 to receive permission before being on school property.
If you have not prearranged your visit, you may be asked to leave school grounds, or you may be asked to wait in the school office until District communications personnel can accommodate you. 

Proper identification is required for access inside the school building. During school hours you will be asked to sign into the building and wear a badge or sticker identifying yourself as a visitor to the campus. In most cases, media representatives visiting our school properties will be accompanied by a school administrator or the District's communications office. Students and staff will be informed that they have the right to refuse to be interviewed, photographed, or videotaped. Where at all possible, communications staff should ensure that students involved do not have privacy statements on file preventing the release of their identity.


  • Reporters must have permission to be on a school campus.
  • Reporters are allowed access to students and school activities only at the discretion of the communications team and the principal.
  • Reporters are not allowed in classrooms that are testing.
  • Reporters may be allowed in classrooms at the discretion of the principal and teacher.
  • Prior consent is needed for interviews with students under the age of 18. Please check with the communications team.
  • Large-group shots of students are permitted, but personally identifiable photographs of students without a photo/video release form signed by parent/guardian are not allowed.


The Communications Department and the school will determine if the request for access is appropriate. All reporters-and all guests are required to sign in to the school’s main office, bring identification to sign in, wear a guest pass at all times, and comply with all district policies and local and state laws concerning the use of minors in news and broadcasting.

The flier that you submit will be reviewed to see if it meets the guidelines for distribution in the schools.
-Materials must be in bundles of 25.
-Materials are not allowed to be delivered to the schools until approved by the Board of Education office.

Fliers will not be approved for the following reason(s):
- Activities must primarily support the student's interest rather than the interest of the supporting group.
- Materials may not reference, enhance, or inhibit religion.
- Materials may not contain racial or ethnic slur.
- Contain information that would create concern for student safety.
- The information promoted has no school-related purpose.

Materials shall be required to have a school-related purpose, except for the following:
1. Materials from non-profit groups, providing athletic and/or recreational opportunities for students shall be considered.
2. Materials from non-profit organizations dedicated to providing services to children shall be considered.
Social Media
Social media pages for HCS clubs, activities, sports, and classrooms must be approved by the Communications Department. 
Please complete the social media site authorization form.