The mission of Henderson County Schools is to provide extraordinary educational opportunities for every student.  ***2018-19 Online Student Registration Now Available***

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Henderson County Schools is committed to keeping our students, staff, families and community well-informed about news and events impacting our district. 

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HCTV (channel 197) is on Spectrum Cable and is the home of HCTV, broadcasting information about Henderson County Schools.
Megan Mortis, Public Information Officer
  • District Spokesperson
  • Media Relations
  • District Newsletter
  • District Social Media Manager
  • District Website Content Manager
  • Community Relations
Contact Megan by phone or email:
Cindy Williams, Public Relations Officer
  • District Calendar of Events
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Arts in the School Coordinator
  • Multicultural Coordinator
  • HCTV television program Manager
  • Staff Bulletin
  • Community Relations
Contact Cindy by phone or email:
 We are proud and honored to spotlight and feature our extraordinary students and staff. 


Media Guidelines

HCS welcomes media attention to students, staff members, and programs. The Communication Department will take media requests for access to a school during normal school hours: 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Reporters can contact Megan at 270-831-8728.


  • Reporters must have permission to be on a school campus.
  • Reporters are allowed access to students and school activities only at the discretion of the communications team and the principal.
  • Reporters are not allowed in classrooms that are testing.
  • Reporters may be allowed in classrooms at the discretion of the principal and teacher.
  • Prior consent is needed for interviews with students under the age of 18. Please check with communications team.
  • Large-group shots of students are permitted, but personally identifiable photographs of students without a photo/video release form signed by parent/guardian are not allowed.


The Communications Department and the school will determine if the request for access is appropriate. All reporters-and all guests-are required to sign in to the school’s main office, bring identification to sign in, wear a guest pass at all times, and comply with all district policies and local and state laws concerning the use of minors in news and broadcasting.

Social Media
Social media pages for HCS clubs, activities, sports, and classrooms must be approved by the Communications Department.
Please complete the social media site authorization form.