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Teaching Certification

Interested in Teaching?
If you are interested in teaching in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and do not currently hold a Kentucky Teaching Certificate, you must complete the CA-1 form from the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board.  This form must be returned to the EPSB.

Teachers with fewer than two (2) years of out-of-state teaching experience or first year teachers are required to also complete the Kentucky Teachers Internship Program (KTIP). Please visit the EPSB website for more information.
Education Professional Standards Board Division of Certification

Currently Teaching?
Within ten years of obtaining a Kentucky teaching certificate, completion of a Master's program is required.  Fifteen hours of this program must be completed within the first five years following certification. Once you complete your Master's program you must complete the CA-1 form. Changes in rank shall be determined by Sept.15 of each year.

Teachers are expected to check their certificate expiration data and take the required action if their certificate is expiring soon. Immediately upon receipt of the new certificate, you should send one copy to HR to be placed in your personnel file. Contact the Human Resources department for further help/information.

Certificate Expiring Soon?

If you have a Master’s degree and just need to renew, click here

If you have a Bachelor’s degree and are renewing for the first time and do not have your Master’s yet, click here. 

If you are a CTE teacher, please email Jinger Carter to determine which certificate you will need for renewal.

If you are pursuing alternative certification (Option 6 Temporary Provisional), click here.

If you anticipate a Rank change (Master’s or Rank I) or are adding to your certificate, click here.

If you are completing your KTIP intern year:

  • If you hold a Statement of Eligibility, once the Record of Teacher Internship Year has been submitted electronically, you will need to pay a $50 fee here in order for your Professional Certificate to be issued.
  • If you hold a Temporary Provisional Certificate (completing your alternative certification), you will need to click here.
  • If you hold a Provisional Internship Certificate you will NOT need to fill out any forms. The fee can be paid online here.
Note: EPSB is no longer printing and mailing certificates.  Instead, you will receive an email that it is ready. You will login to your EPSB account and download the pdf certificate. The HR department can print it for your file.  Just email the pdf to Jinger Carter.


If you need more information, please feel free to contact the HR department (270) 831-5000.