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Nutrition » Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

Breakfast and Lunch Carbohydrate Counts
Prairie Farms Nutritional Data

Prairie Farms Nutritional Information



Low Fat 1% White Milk- 8oz

11 g

Fat Free Chocolate Milk - 8oz

20 g

Fat Free Strawberry Milk - 8oz

22 g


Apple Juice - 8oz

29 g

Apple Juice - 4oz

15 g

Orange Juice - 8oz

26 g

Orange Juice - 4oz

15 g

Fruit Punch - 4oz

14 g


Yogurt - 4oz Snack Cup

19 g

Yogurt - 6 oz Fat Free

16 g


Cottage Cheese - 4oz Snack Cup

6 g


Ice Cream Nutritional Information
Fruits & Vegetable Carbohydrate Counts