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Dear Parent/Guardian,

Henderson County Schools and the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) greatly value your input and want to hear about your experience as a caregiver of a child with an Individual Education Program (IEP). We would like to know more about how your child’s school involves you in the special education services provided to your child.  The information you provide will give the KDE and Henderson County Schools valuable data on how to improve parent and family engagement. All responses are anonymous and cannot be traced back to you or your child.

To collect your input, we ask that you complete a brief, online survey about your opportunity to provide input with your child’s special education services during the 2021-2022 school year.  The survey is available in English, Spanish and Arabic.


Only one parent or guardian per student should complete this survey. However, if you have more than one child with an IEP, please complete the survey for each of your children.

Survey results will be carefully studied by the Human Development Institute (HDI) at the University of Kentucky (UK) and reported to the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP).   The results will also be utilized by HDI and KDE to further understand what supports parents and districts may need to ensure that parents and guardians have the opportunities to be meaningfully engaged in their child’s special education program.

The deadline for completing this very important survey is September 1, 2022. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Amber VanMeter, Center for Support Services, at (270) 831-5010 or email [email protected]

Thank you for your help.

Kris Mayes

Director of Special Education

Henderson County School District

In accordance with district procedures (KRS 160.700) and records retention guidelines (L2001, L5807), the following Special Education records housed at Henderson County School District will be destroyed:
All records five years after the date of last activity, including Special Education Due Process Records for any student dismissed prior to August 2017. Records are destroyed annually.
Parties desiring a copy of his or her records before destruction must contact Becky Wicker at 270-831-8711 no later than July 1, 2022.

Welcome to The Henderson County Schools Special Education Website

The Department of Special Education is comprised of Special Education Teachers, Speech/Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, School Psychologists, Social Workers, and Consultants. This team of professionals works closely and collaboratively with parents, principals, general education teachers, other district support staff and community service providers to implement the most appropriate plan of services needed by each child with special needs.

We believe that every child with a disability is a child first and foremost. We are dedicated to serving students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. We believe that educating our students is a privilege. We honor parents/guardians who are advocates for their children and welcome full parent/guardian participation in developing students' educational programs.

Please share your comments, ideas, and stories regarding our district special education programs. We thank you for your time, your commitment, your membership on committees, and your support of our department, our staff, and our students.

Kris Mayes
Director of Special Education