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Chrome Apps and Extensions

Chrome Apps and Extensions

Here are a few good extensions and apps that can extend the capabilities of your Chrome web browser.  All apps and extensions are added through the Chrome Web Store.  You must be signed into the Chrome Browser on your device in order to install apps and extensions.


Sign in to your Chrome Browser :)

  • Sign into your chrome browser on any PC/Mac to enable extensions, bookmarks, single sign on and more.  
  • Not needed on chromebooks as you are signed into chrome when you log into the device on startup. 
  • To sign in to the Chrome browser, open the Chrome browser, copy and paste this address into a new tab: chrome://chrome-signin


What is the difference between an app and an extension?

Chrome apps are similar to a desktop shortcut in windows.  Most apps connect you to a website, but some have offline capabilities for when you cannot connect to the internet.  


Chrome extensions are small programs that add a specific feature to your browsing experience, like a widget (Ex: a calculator, timer, screen capture tool, desktop annotation tool, etc.)

Suggested Chrome Extensions

  • Tab Resize
    • Tab Resize will allow you to have a split screen.
  • Tab Glue 
    • Tab Glue will glue the tabs together if you have them in multiple windows (Ex: after you have used Tab Resize).
  • Web Paint
    • Screen annotation and screenshots of the annotation can be saved and shared.
  • Turn Off The Lights
    • This extension turns the background of a youtube video to a dark screen, effectively "turning out the lights" on the background so that you only see the video.
  • Awesome Screenshot
    • As it says, this allows easy screenshots that can then be annotated and shared.
  • Share to Classroom
    • Allows you to send a link from any website directly to your Google Classroom feed so that the students have a link to the site.
  • Google Scholar Button
    • One click access to the Google Scholar primary sources search.
  • Wolfram Alpha 
    •  One Click access to the Wolfram Alpha search.
  • URL Shortener 
    • Creates a short link for any website with one click.
  • Cite This For Me: Web Citer
    • One click citation for web pages (options for format and editing)

HCS Pre-Installed Apps and Extensions

  • G-Suite Training (ext.)
    • Give you a list and links to program specific training tutorials for each google tool
  • Google Classroom (app)
    • Opens a Google Classroom tab in Chrome
  • Google Drive (app)
    • Opens a Google Drive tab in Chrome
  • Google Chrome (app)
    • Opens a new Chrome window
  • Google Cast for Education (app)
    • The Google Cast for Education app is used on the desktop computer that is attached to your interactive board.  When used with the Google Cast extension, it allows you to display the video and audio from your Chromebook to your interactive board. 
  • Google Cast (ext.)
    • When used in conjunction with the Google Cast app, it allows you to display the video and audio from your Chromebook to your interactive board.  (The extension is used on the Chromebook)
  • Read & Write for Google Chrome (ext.)
    • Text-to-Speech reader. Best used when reading text from a website (or google doc), not a word or PDF file.