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Google Expeditions Kit

At Henderson County Schools we make extraordinary educational opportunities, everyday!  We have launched our first Google Expeditions Kit for classroom use.
What is it?
The Google Expeditions Kit is an opportunity to explore many corners of the Earth and beyond without ever physically leaving the classroom.  The over 600 expeditions include historical locations, high (Mt Everest), low (in the ocean), and locations on the moon and Mars.  There are also over 45 college tours and over 55 career expeditions.  The kit includes all the hardware for a class to explore the world and beyond using the Google Expeditions app.  We have one 30 student kit that can be signed out for use to trained HCS staff members.   The kit comes in a large heavy Pelican case on wheels (17"x26"x45", 125+ lbs).   Please see the images below.
There are some important logistical guidelines that have been created so that we can use the Kit as fairly and equitably as possible.  
  1. Receive training from the District office before reserving the Kit for use (Training Verification Form Link).
  2. Agree through the verification form to abide by all guidelines and procedures.
  3. Reserve the Google Expeditions Kit up to two (2) consecutive days at a time through this Google Calendar Link.  Your school may not reserve the Kit for more than one visit in any 2 week consecutive period. Example: If I reserve the kit for today and tomorrow, my school cannot have had it last week, other days this week, or next week, so plan accordingly.
  4. Make Extraordinary happen in your classroom!
  5. Complete the Google Expeditions feedback form within 24 hours of having the kit.
Browse the list of Expeditions that are available to be used with the Kit.  New Expeditions are added regularly and this list is updated with those changes.
The Google Expeditions app is also available for free download from the Apple App store and Google Play store.  Downloading the free app will give you a preview of what you will find in each Expedition.
Below is the public view of the who checked out the kit and what building it is located at.  If you see a calendar item on any day, that tells you that it is checked out for that day.  In order to see who has it and where, you will need to click on the "week" view in the top right corner of the calendar.