The mission of Henderson County Schools is to provide extraordinary educational opportunities for every student. The vision of Henderson County Schools is to excel as a national innovative leader in education.

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Instructional Technology

Welcome to the Henderson County Schools - Instructional Technology page.

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Henderson County believes in several core values.  Two of those values are to "Be The Change Agent" and "Inspire Human Greatness".  Those values feed the mission of providing extraordinary educational opportunities for every student.  Because we believe that students deserve the best educational opportunities we also believe in teaching them the hard and soft skills needed for their future.  The district has a strong history of academics as evidenced by the outstanding metrics of K-Prep scores, ACT scores and graduation rates that place Henderson as a Distinguished District in KY as well as leaders across the nation academically.  We also have a first class career and technical education program equal to no other in the state and a pre-K school devoted to preparing our students for learning .  While continuing strong academics we now also turn to the educational technology soft skills of the 4C's that will move our students beyond graduation (communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity).  These skills are not shown on any of the tests that the state requires, yet it is expected that students learn and apply them to be successful leaders in our society.  


The Henderson County School district has taken great strides over the last several years to prepare capacity for technology integration in the classroom.  Prior to the 2016-2017 school year we have upgraded many of the networking structures so that the local network is robust enough to handle the load of students and teachers with devices, while providing an excellent user experience.  This has been the backbone of what is available to us technologically.


As a piece of the HCS visioning process we developed a five year plan to integrate educational technology into the classrooms of our schools.  Prior years have seen pilot implementations of multiple student and teacher devices on a small scale of a few classrooms here and there.  2015-2016 marked the beginning of the current implementation plan involving chromebooks at all the K-12 schools in the district.  Devices and professional development have been added to one classroom at each school.  This early model of adoption has since seen amazing growth in the interest and number of students / teachers involved.  The 2016-2017 academic calendar marks year two of the process.  We have selected touchscreen chromebooks as our student/teacher device because they bring the best of tablet and PC capabilities while making internet use quick and manageable.  As of the fall 2016 semester, they have been deployed to all certified teachers.  Teachers have been given multiple trainings on educational technology use and will continue receiving focused PD on classroom technology implementations.  The number of classrooms currently at a 1:1 student to device ratio in HCS now tops 60 classrooms.  The plan for 2017-2018 involves a mass increase of devices for students.  Adding devices alone will not be the answer for our students.  The most important aspect of learning will be the shift in culture as we approach educational technology integration to emphasize the skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.  


Please contact the Director of Instructional Technology - Mr. Kris Gordon @ if you have any questions regarding our current plans or if you would like to add your input to the process.  We would love to hear your opinion and include you in the conversation of how to best prepare our students for their ever changing future.



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