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Digital Citizenship

Civility is a key aspect to learning and interacting with the online community.   It has become even more important than ever to educate ourselves and our students in civility especially as it relates to the ease of online resources and social media.  


NOTE: We are mid-process on updating our Acceptable Use Policy/Procedures to adapt to new learning opportunities that are accessible to our students with the introduction of chromebooks to the learning environment.  Our existing AUP and procedures for Digital Drivers Licenses (DDL's) are in effect until a new Responsible Use Policy (RUP) is reviewed and approved by the Henderson County Board of Education.


Faculty needing their DDL: Needed only once, but sign AUP every year

We wanted to remind each of you that the procedure for obtaining your DDL/BYOD/iPad user agreement has changed. This must be completed once.  If you completed the DDL last year you are good.  If you are new to the district, or did not complete the DDL last year, you will need to do it this year.  You need to click HERE to find the form.  You will need to login with your google credentials to view the form.  There are 3 videos for you to watch and a set of guidelines you will need to agree with to submit the form.  Once you complete and submit the form, technology will be notified of your submission and you will receive your DDL/BYOD for the 2016-17 school year.  It will take you less than 15 minutes from start to finish.


Student DDL Link:

Students are required to have a signed AUP on file every year.  The Digital Drivers License (DDL) is a starting point for Digital Citizenship and is required for all incoming 6th grade students, as well as any 6th-12th grade student that is new to HCS.  

For the Student DDL form click here, then complete the form and press submit.   Please note that students will not have access to watch the videos at school and will need to have a teacher run the DDL videos from their computer. 

Common Sense Media is the standard for all things related to safe and ethical use of the internet!  Information on the website is categorized into three main areas (for parents, for education, and for advocates).  The "Parent" section gives website, app, game, book, TV, and movie reviews.   The "Education" topic is packed with curriculum and informational resources related to safe and appropriate online use.  The resources below are all available from the Common Sense Media website.  

eRate Required MIDDLE SCHOOL Safety Resources

(from Common Sense Media)

Appropriate Online Behavior

Unit 1 Digital Life 101

Unit 2 Which Me Should I Be?


Unit 1 Cyberbullying Be Upstanding

Unit 3 Cyberbullying Crossing the Line

Social Networks

Unit 2 Safe Online Talk

Unit 3 Trillion Dollar Footprint

Additional topics with relevant information for grades 6-8 or 9-12 can be found at

As each topic is completed OR when all topics have been presented, the school administrator/designee should submit documentation online using this form.