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Henderson Outreach Mentoring Education


What is the HOME Program?

The HOME Program is a federally funded program that complies with the requirements of the Stewert B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act and with the provisions contained in Kentucky’s Consolidated State Application to the U.S. Department of Education.


What assistance is available through the HOME Program?

The HOME Advocate will help identify families, provide educational assistance and make referrals to appropriate agencies. The program will facilitate communication between the school, community agencies and the families, to ensure coordination of all available resources for the benefit of the children.


Who is eligible to participate?

Eligibility is based on any student, pre-school through high school that their primary residence is one of the following circumstances:

  • Public or private shelters
  • Hotels or motels
  • Lives in the home of relatives or non-relatives
  • Other living arrangements such as living in cars, abandoned buildings/campgrounds or uninhabitable housing


What services are available through the HOME Program?

3 Home visits

3Employment information

3 Monitoring - educational

3 Medical services

3 GED training

3 Housing referral

3 Parent training


What are the objectives of the HOME Program?

Students sometimes experience difficulties making transition as the result of mobility. The HOME program will:

3Identify students

3Inform parents/guardians or youth of legal rights

3Provide educational opportunities for parents/guardians or qualifying youth

3Encourage good attendance and educational success


Who can provide assistance?




Speech Therapists

School Nurses

Guidance Counselors


Pre-school staff


Social Workers

School Psychologists

Technology Coordinators

Title I Coordinators

Special ProgramsCoordinator

Support Programs Director

Intervention Center staff

Student Assistance Program



St. Vincent De Paul

Salvation Army


Housing Authority

Adult Learning Center

Volunteer & Information Ctr.

Christian Community Outreach

Primary Care Center

Health Department

Henderson Community College



For more information about the HOME Program contact:

Student Services