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2019-2020 VOLUNTEER


Henderson County Schools is committed to ensuring that we maintain a safe learning environment for our students, staff, and community.  We have required background checks for volunteers or for anyone who assists students in or out of the classroom, works in close proximity to students, chaperones or supervises students during school activities or events (including field trips), or has access to classified or personal information.


Kentucky statute (KRS 17.160) requires that Henderson County Schools perform a criminal background check (Youth Leader Request) on all individuals who request to serve as a volunteer in our schools. Volunteers must complete the Youth Leader Request Form and return the form to the school along with check or money order in the amount of $10.00 made payable to Henderson County Schools.

The Youth Leader Request Form must be completed every 3 years.


In compliance with 922 KAR 1:470 all volunteers must complete a CAN Check (Child Abuse or Neglect Check) online from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services stating you are clear to volunteer and have no findings of substantiated child abuse or neglect. $10 fee payable only by debit/credit card. Fill out form HERE. 

    The CAN Check Form must be completed every year.


Parents/Guardians/Community members visiting to eat lunch/drop off items/attending programs or events are not required to complete the Youth Leader Request or the CAN Check but must present identification and sign in as a visitor.


We believe that volunteers are a vital component of our success and we do not want the costs associated with the background checks to be a limiting or restrictive factor. For that reason, if you plan to be a regular volunteer and assistance is needed with the cost, please contact your school for financial assistance.