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Password Reset

If you do not know your password or it has expired and you need to reset it, please use the link below or reset it from a Chromebook login screen.  You can only reset your own password once you have completed the security authentication process. 
Our new password/passphrase will have minimum complexity requirement of 15 characters and will expire after 180 days. 
Your account also cannot be locked due to failed login attempts.  Your password/passphrase cannot contain any part of your name or previously used passwords.   


Please create a password or passphrase that has minimal of 15 characters.  It does not have to have a capital letter, number or special character and can contain spaces.  


Examples: HCS is extraordinary, ilovehcsstudents, #secondgrade2020


When you login to your webmail from the link below it should prompt you to setup your password reset security authentication.  If it does not prompt you, please watch the video to access this feature.



Arrow                                                      arrow                                                       arrow

The video directions are in print form below. 


You will also need to update the password on any mobile device that you have your email configured on when you are prompted.  


If you are on a school system computer, you can reset your password by logging in and pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE and choosing "change a password".

If you need to change your password from your mobile device or a home computer, please click on the reset password button below to reset your password.   Only use this button if you know your password and need to reset it.   
This will also change your Google password although there is a slight delay between the sync of the two. You may have to use your old password for a little bit longer for Google.