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Tips & Best Practices

Data backup!
There is no avoiding the fact that computers do not last forever and hard drives fail. Making sure your data is safe is our #1 priority. Never save documents to your desktop. Documents saved there are NEVER backed up by the district technology department.
Data can be backed up in a different number of ways. One way is to always save documents to your network U: drive. This drive is backed up nightly offsite by the district technology department. There are online (or "cloud") backup services that will automatically sync files. Some of these services are:
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive
Dropbox is another service that offers a small amount of free storage space and will allow you to purchase more space if you need it, for a small fee. You can also use an external hard drive or flash drive to backup your files. You will just need to be sure to keep those backups current. If you use a flash drive on a regular basis, you may want to be sure to back up those files somewhere as well. When flash drives are inserted and removed from multiple computers on a constant basis, the chance of getting corrupted files that may not be recoverable increases.

Be mindful of what websites you visit!
Unfortunately most viruses and malware are just a click away! Please be aware of all links you click on. Clicking on just any link may take you to a malicious website or maybe even a legitimate website that has an ad with malicious code in it. You may sometimes be asked to install an additional plug-in to your web browser to view certain material on a website; this may (but not always) be malicious. Please always be cautious what you are downloading and installing on your computer. You can minimize your chances of your computer getting infected by only going to known legitimate websites. Most of these websites will keep themselves up-to-date and be compatible with the latest versions of all web browsers.
Always keep a secure password!
Almost everything you do on the web now requires a password. Because most of the websites you access will have personal and sensitive information, please make sure you use a complex (but memorable) password.
Most reputable organizations will NEVER ask for your password through email. If you receive an email requesting your password, be advised that it may be a phishing attempt to compromise your personal account information. Please see What is Phishing? below for more information. If you need to reset your Henderson Co. Schools network/email password, please call 270-831-8759. If you are ever worried one of your accounts has been compromised, change your password immediately.

What is Phishing?
Phishing is a form of fraud in which the attacker tries to learn information such as login credentials or account information by masquerading as a reputable entity or person in email, IM or other communication channels. It is the act of acquiring private or sensitive data from personal computers for use in fraudulent activities. Phishing is usually done by sending emails that seem to appear to come from credible sources (however, they are in no way affiliated with the actual source/company), which require users to put in personal data such as a credit card number or social security number. This information is then transmitted to the hacker and utilized to commit acts of fraud. Some of the criminals behind phishing scams have even gone so far as to create websites that appear to be operated by government agencies.

Click here to see an example of a spam email. 
Source: Nikkol Bauer, Henry County School District, KY

Keep all software on the most current version.
Software companies continually release updates to their software so they can fix bugs, increase compatibility and patch security vulnerabilities. Henderson Co. Schools Technology Support Department is constantly updating operating systems, web browsers, web browser plug-in/extensions and other software so that district computers do not become infected with a virus or other malicious software (malware) that could have been avoided.