The mission of Henderson County Schools is to provide extraordinary educational opportunities for every student. The vision of Henderson County Schools is to excel as a national innovative leader in education.

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New HCS Students

Henderson County School’s Online Registration for New HCS Students 2018-19


New Henderson County School Student requirementsNEW STUDENT REQUIREMENTS LINK


Online registration for NEW students to Henderson County Schools can be handled in 3 different ways:

Note- The term PRIMARY PARENT used means the parent household where the student resides the majority of the time. 

  1. Primary Parent/Guardian has never had a child in HCS, therefore does not have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account. In this case, the child is truly a NEW student and the parent/guardian MUST go the local school for registration and provide required new student forms. 


  1. Primary Parent/Guardian has had an Infinite Campus account or child in HCS in the past but not used their portal account for a long period of time. The parent/guardian will need to reset their password and retrieve their user name by going to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal log in page on any HCS web page within the QUICK LINKS section.  Once they have logged into the Parent Portal, they can click the ONLINE REGISTRATION link to begin registration. The parent/guardian will need to go to the local school to provide required New Student forms. 


  1. NEW Thelma B Johnson Preschooler or Kindergartner – if this child has siblings currently enrolled at any HCS, his/her registration must be done within the sibling’s online registration. He/she will be added as a NEW STUDENT at the end of the sibling’s registration process.  The parent/guardian of  ALL Kindergarteners or Thelma B Johnson preschoolers MUST go to the school to provide required new student and qualification forms before enrollment can be completed. 

Online Registration Help:  For fastest assistance with all Online Registration issues or questions, please do not contact the local school, instead contact OLR staff at :

Email:            Phone: 270-831-8784



Technology Tips:

Online Registration should be done on a desktop computer, Chromebook, or laptop, NOT a mobile device like a phone, iPad, or tablet. 


To avoid internet issues, we suggest these steps before beginning the process:

Use the newest version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Chrome

Mozilla Firefox is recommended

Turn OFF Pop Up Blocker - within settings of the browser

Clear browsing History - within settings of the browser

Install Adobe reader on your computer.


Parents who need language translation help can go to your local school or use a free online translator such as Google Translate, which does not require a download but is an active translator. Click here for instructions – TRANSLATE LINK- translate steps



Needed Information for online registration process completion:

Legal Full first, middle and last names of all people to be entered. 

Household Information – address and phones numbers

Parent Information – full legal names, home, cell and work phone numbers and personal email address, birth dates

Student Information – full legal name, birth date, immunization records, and health information

Emergency Contact – legal name, birth date, addresses and phones numbers


The registration process will take about 20 minutes.  Make note of the confirmation number given in the beginning of the process for later use.  If you need to stop during the process, you can click to SAVE and CONTINUE.  The Primary Parent/Guardian can register all children within their household at one time. At the end of the registration process, the SUBMIT icon must be clicked to send the application to HCS staff for review and actual student enrollment.

During the review process, you will receive email notifications concerning the status of the student’s registration.  It will be important for you to check email periodically to keep the process going until actual enrollment is approved.

Please allow at least 3 weeks for the review process to complete, the staff will be working on many applications during this time.