As we enter the winter season, we wanted to take a moment to explain our process for making decisions regarding school closures due to inclement weather, particularly snow days. The safety and well-being of our students and staff are our top priorities, and we understand the importance of keeping you informed about our decision-making process.

Our school district follows a thorough and carefully considered protocol when determining whether to close schools due to severe weather conditions. The decision involves collaboration among several key individuals and factors, including:

  • Weather Forecast: We closely monitor weather forecasts to anticipate the severity and timing of the incoming weather system.

  • Road Conditions: Our transportation department and school administrators assess road conditions and sidewalks to determine whether it is safe for buses and vehicles to travel. Henderson County’s roads are different from one end of the county to the other. Some are on a higher elevation, have more curves, and have more open areas exposed to wind. All variables to be considered when surveying roads

  • Building Safety: We evaluate the safety of our school buildings, considering factors such as heating, power, and the ability to maintain safe walkways, parking lots, and entrances.

  • Communication with Local Authorities: We maintain open lines of communication with local agencies and public safety officials to stay informed about any community-wide issues related to the weather.

Whenever possible, decisions about school closures are made in the early morning hours or the night before to provide families with sufficient notice. Once a decision is reached, we use multiple communication channels to ensure that families are promptly informed including:

  • School District Website: Updates will be posted on our school district website.

  • Automated Phone Calls: We will send automated phone calls to the contact numbers we have for families provided in our system.

  • Social Media: We will update our official social media accounts with the latest information.

  • Local News Outlets: Information may be shared with local news outlets for broader community awareness.

The school district has been granted 10 NTI days to use at its discretion. These days do not have to be made up in the school calendar as instruction will continue to be delivered virtually.

When school is canceled:

  • After school activities will be canceled.

  • Athletic events and practices may still be held. (weather permitting)

  • Childcare will be available at the following locations: Thelma B. Johnson Early Learning Center, Bend Gate, and East Heights. In order to attend childcare on snow days, the student must already be enrolled in one of our childcare centers.  In some cases, childcare may be closed due to the weather.

We understand the impact that school closures can have on families and appreciate your understanding and cooperation during these situations. Our primary goal is to ensure the safety of everyone in our school community.